Dataduct provide a range of training and education courses as follows:

C1: (1 day) This course is designed to prepare system professionals to implement software and configuration of mediation devices using Concert.

Importing Remote Schemas

•  Manipulating and Storing imported Schemas

•  Defining an Enterprise Schema

•  Specifying Mapping logic from Remote Schemas to the Enterprise Schema

•  Integrating with external Integration solutions

C2: Concert Administration (1 day) This course is designed to equip systems administrators to properly administer Concert component and solutions and make basic configuration changes in line with evolving requirements and system environment changes. Course content:

•  Configuring Concert

•  Configuring a Concert mediation device

•  T he Concert Operator Console

•  The Concert Management Console

•  Concert Logging

C3: Concert Advanced Training Dataduct professional services organization will create a customized curriculum that best meets your specific needs. A basic pre-requisite is solid experience in the field of data/information processing. This course is designed on a case by case basis and will include tutoring on how to augment the mapping logic within solutions and also describe pitfalls to avoid when customizing a mediation device.