Our Vision

Telecom service providers are becoming increasingly aware of the very high TCO associated with stovepipe solutions (i.e. quick-fix, point-2-point, custom data-integrations) within their network-management and operations-support environments.

Aspiring lean-operators are rejecting point-to-point, bespoke, stovepipe data integration solutions. Instead they will demand, as standard, flexible and cost-effective solutions based on product.

Our Mission

Dataduct's mission is twofold:

  • Educate systems owners and CIOs about the significant cost-benefit of server-based data integration solutions.
  • Pioneer a new breed of server-based data integration solutions based on an expansive product core adapted for telecoms.

Our Approach

  • Capture network and operations domain knowledge in a software product and thus increase value.
  • Leverage new technologies being deployed in the wider data integration marketplace.
  • Adopt relevant telecom and interface standards.
  • Focus on NMS and OSS systems.