Server overview page

The Concert Mediation Server can be deployed in a standalone or clustered configuration. It supports a range of tools and interfaces as depicted below. A range of modern value-adding technologies are integral to the server design making it one of the most advanced products in the marketplace.

(Si) & (So) Data Sources & Sinks

  • file systems, databases.
  • TMForum OSS/J, 3GPP, ITIL
  • web services, EAI, ESB systems

(A) System Monitoring

  • TeMIP, HPOVO (service alarms)

(B) Solution Status, Statistics & SLA Monitoring

  • data throughput statistics
  • data supplier statistics (SLA reporting)
  • logs and traces

(C) Configuration & Admin tools

  • solution admin (stop, start, suspend, resume)
  • add, remove, modify solutions
  • change solution configuration parameters

Workflow management & processes

  • notify process of any manual data processing tasks
  • e.g. a manual reconciliation task